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It wasn’t how I imagined spending my weekend.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/text-wrap-balance.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:a99614d0-9dd6-47c3-9110-39a551ce4b3d 2021-09-03T13:14:00Z 2021-09-03T13:14:00Z Why can an ad break the Windows 11 desktop and taskbar? A new promo message for Microsoft Teams broke the Windows desktop shell and the taskbar for Windows 11 Insider users. Why can cloud services break Windows PCs? <p>Earlier today, Microsoft pushed a promotional message to early adopters of Windows 11. The promo intended to promote the upcoming operating system’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Instead, it caused Explorer (the Windows desktop shell) to stop responding and left users without a working Start menu and taskbar.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/windows11-empty-taskbar.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:9e298851-2949-46b4-9aaa-0fc945aa5188 2021-08-30T14:28:00Z 2021-08-30T14:28:00Z Windows 11 gets new and less stressful notification sounds I find the Windows 10 sound notifications loud and stressful. Microsoft has made the new sound themes for Windows 11 calmer and less overwhelming than Win10. <p>CNBC reported last week on how Microsoft has replaced the notification sounds in Windows 11 with calmer and “less overwhelming” versions. I’m someone who gets stressed and a bit overwhelmed by the Windows 10 alerts, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the new sounds.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/windows-alert-sounds.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:ec589569-6851-44eb-ae99-d12deacd57ab 2021-08-17T10:41:00Z 2021-08-17T10:41:00Z A privacy review of Tribler, the onion-routed BitTorrent app An in-depth privacy and security review of Tribler, a more private BitTorrent client backed by an onion/layered encryption proxy relay network. Is it anonymous? <p>Tribler is a free and open-source file-sharing app for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. It adds something unique to the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol: onion routing. Onion routing, best known from the Tor Browser project, is a network routing scheme that relays connections via multiple proxies. Tribler encrypts your connections in layers, so that each relay proxy only knows the IP address of the next and previous hop in the routing chain. This system can help provide more anonymity and obscure what you’re downloading and from where from prying eyes.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/tribler-onion-routed-bittorrent.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:5eb03989-64e5-4960-b471-633415385cc0 2021-08-15T11:19:00Z 2021-08-16T16:41:00Z What domain name to use for your home network Always use the ‘.home.arpa’ top-level domain (RFC 8375), and don’t use the special-purpose ‘.local,’ or made-up undelegated domain names like ‘.lan’ or ‘.home.’ <p>There’s a definitive answer to this question, and you can find it in RFC 8375: use <code>home.arpa.</code> Never heard of it before? It wasn’t assigned as a special purpose top-level domain (spTLD) name for residential and small networks until 2018.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/homenet-domain-name.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:0bd7cd35-ca6d-4fdf-9b91-f639655e3d57 2021-08-10T13:28:00Z 2021-08-10T13:28:00Z Review of the MikroTik hEX (3rd rev.) as a home router The RB750Gr3 is an inexpensive Gigabit router with advanced network management capabilities for just €50/$60. It’s highly configurable with a steep learning curve. <p>The MikroTik hEX (RB750Gr3) (on Amazon) is an inexpensive Gigabit router with advanced capabilities. I’ve used it as my home router for the last five years. It’s not a consumer-grade product, and it certainly isn’t your grandma’s router!</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/review-mikrotik-rb750gr3.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:05c72b2d-18f7-4a13-9e72-f2131d511a7b 2021-08-09T13:22:00Z 2021-08-09T13:22:00Z How to make Windows Update prioritize Delivery Optimization downloads How to get Windows Delivery Optimization to download updates from PCs on your LAN network (or the internet). Reduce internet data/bandwidth usage with LAN P2P. <p>Windows Delivery Optimization is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing service for software from Microsoft. It works with Windows Update and updates from the Microsoft Store. The service can help reduce your data/bandwidth usage, and free up limited internet bandwidth for other activities. It can optionally also download from other Microsoft customers over the internet.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/windows-delivery-optimization.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:5dd1f1e4-cfa0-4567-9b5e-48a7b86e55fa 2021-08-04T03:25:00Z 2021-08-04T03:25:00Z Overriding Bedtime mode with priority alerts Is Bedtime mode on Android using Do Not Disturb mode to silence alerts and notifications? That’s unclear, if you’ve got the Samsung Digital Wellbeing app. <p>Bedtime mode on Android guides you towards better sleep habits by muting notifications and making your phone less interesting. Samsung’s take on the feature says it will mute all sounds and alerts, but that isn’t the whole story. What if you rely on certain notifications and alerts to wake you in the night?</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/android-bedtime-mode-priority-alerts.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:53b05fd6-40cd-4cd2-9095-80bf94c40f65 2021-07-28T15:51:00Z 2021-07-28T15:51:00Z Windows adds two new monospace system fonts Microsoft to include Windows Terminal by default in Windows 10 and 11. The Terminal app bundles new Cascadia Code and Cascadia Mono fonts as new system fonts. <p>Windows 10 and 11 will soon get two new monospace system fonts. System fonts are the default installed fonts that are available to use in any apps and website. This is the first time since Windows Vista that Microsoft is adding new system fonts to Windows.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/cascadia-system-font.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:7db6be4a-b590-4c0a-a37b-b10d0b85b2aa 2021-07-20T22:57:00Z 2021-07-20T22:57:00Z Don’t preorder ebooks from Packt Publishing The preorder purchase experience at PacktPub was confusing. Packt never notified me when the book was made available to download. The ePub was also unformatted. <p>Two months ago, I preordered an interesting-looking ebook title from Packt Publishing. Neither the post-purchase experience nor the final product lived up to my expectations.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/packtpub-preorder.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:075bba76-530e-4577-998f-1a0e218c76da 2021-07-11T01:09:00Z 2021-07-11T01:09:00Z Nothing but bad experiences with Realtek Ethernet NICs Nothing but bad experiences with Realtek Ethernet <abbr title="network interface controller">NICs</abbr> The tale of my bad experiences with consumer-grade Realtek networking equipment over the last decade. Intel has always had to come in to save the day. <p>I recently got a new Asus AMD B550-PLUS (on Amazon) mainboard. It has a built-in Realtek PCIe 2,5-gigabit (RTL8125B) network interface controllers (NIC). As is often the case with Realtek NICs, it has been quite unreliable and is plagued with intermittent issues.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/realtek-nic.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:99578e3e-0096-434e-81b7-10efe3fe2927 2021-07-07T14:06:00Z 2021-07-07T14:06:00Z Google’s unfair performance advantage in Chrome Google Chrome for Android gives Google Search (when set as the default search engine) a network performance-boost over competing search engines. <p>Google Chrome for Android has a feature that gives Google Search an unfair advantage over its competition. Sure, it’s the default search engine and that’s a huge hurdle to overcome for any competitor. However, Chrome also reserves a performance-boosting feature for Google Search exclusively.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/chrome-google-dse-preconnect.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:9b74d93d-dcf5-4102-a122-d5e13b8b2558 2021-06-30T16:25:00Z 2021-06-30T16:25:00Z The perfect cross-platform serif and sans-serif font stacks How the default web browser fonts vary, why they are what they are, and how to make your webdesign look the same on different operating systems. <p>Different web browsers use the same default fonts on the same operating system. However, the default fonts differ between operating systems and few fonts are available everywhere. In this article, I’ll focus on making the default fonts look and behave the same across operating systems.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/font-stack-text.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:d0ce79bc-2bd2-4db3-9ec9-0b8c72479f96 2021-06-28T07:38:00Z 2021-06-28T07:38:00Z Does the web still need HTTP Deflate? The compression format war of the last decade was won by Gzip. Why do web browsers still support the legacy HTTP Deflate (Zlib) format? It’s time to deprecate it. <p>Compressing webpages to make them smaller is crucial to ensure fast webpage load times. Gzip and Brotli are the web’s two most used compression formats. A third contender, HTTP Deflate, has been around as long as Gzip, but it never caught on. Do you still need to support it on your websites and apps? or is it time to retire HTTP Deflate from the web platform?</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/http-deflate-compression.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:205b275e-8a5c-4cc2-b14c-743b8f9e5eed 2021-06-17T14:42:00Z 2021-06-17T14:42:00Z Review of Logitech K835 tenkeyless mechanical keyboard The Logitech K835 TKL is a low-latency and well-built budget keyboard. Mechanical keyboards aren’t just for gamers with too much disposable income! <p>Logitech has set out to prove that mechanical keyboards aren’t just for gamers with too much disposable income and an unhealthy obsession for blinking lights! The Logitech K835 is a tenkeyless (TKL, meaning a regularly sized keyboard without the numpad) mechanical budget keyboard. It has an open-body design built on an aluminum plate on a plastic shell featuring either TTC tactile (“blue”) or TTC linear (“red”) key switches.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/review-logitech-k835-tkl.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:43b52f2e-9771-46fa-9d65-42587d288097 2021-06-11T12:06:00Z 2021-06-11T12:06:00Z The best method for embedding dark-mode friendly SVG in HTML A comparison of the many different methods for embedding SVG into HTML webpages. Which work best with light/dark-mode, client caching, interactive mode, and more. <p>In this article, you’ll learn about the different methods for embedding Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) images onto webpages. I’ll discuss which methods support the various security and processing modes in SVG, which methods support dark mode using <code>@media</code> queries, and which are the most caching friendly. I’ll also touch on why the most backward-compatible embedding method is the worst for perceived performance and has the most accessibility bugs.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/svg-embed-dark-mode.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:d764d4c0-29d5-4098-b1d8-76a563b61856 2021-06-03T12:52:00Z 2021-06-03T12:52:00Z A deeper dive into Chrome WebFeed Google hasn’t turned Chrome into a feed reader, but it does use Atom and RSS feeds to let visitors follow any website. Here are more details on how it works. <p>You should first read about the article Chrome experiment to let you Follow websites before you keep reading this one. This article goes deeper into the technical details of how Chrome WebFeed works.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/chrome-follow-feeds.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:dbe8732e-05a0-47a2-87a3-53b0d249e95c 2021-06-03T11:56:00Z 2021-06-03T11:56:00Z Chrome experiment lets you Follow news and website updates A brief history of where news/syndication feeds (“RSS“) went wrong, and how Google Chrome might just have found the right place for it in the Chrome web browser. <p>Google is experimenting with a new way to undercut the value of its fiercest “attention competitors” (Twitter and Facebook.) It’s also helping web publishers and the open web ecosystem at the same time. Here’s a brief history of the technology behind Chrome’s new Follow feature, and how it’s better than earlier attempts at building feeds into web browsers.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/chrome-follow-websites.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:9fb32b08-2807-4312-8f7d-5d67f411fc2b 2021-06-01T21:10:00Z 2021-06-01T21:10:00Z Fixing the News Media and Digital Platform Bargaining Code The Australian “link tax” levied on digital platforms linking to news is overly broad. Here’s an idea for how to better target it and narrow its scope. <p>The News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code (NMDPMBC) of Australia made headlines earlier this year. The Australian government’s new legislation hopes to “[address] bargaining power imbalances between digital platforms and [news businesses.]” It does this by imposing that all digital platforms must pay news organizations for any use of its news products. Including but not limited to merely linking to news.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/news-destination-tax.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:5d3ddbad-63cd-4b48-9b9c-1e64cd21d5c6 2021-05-25T12:54:00Z 2021-05-25T12:54:00Z How I fixed the intermittent Wi-Fi dropouts on my MacBook The Wi-Fi on my MacBook Pro has intermittently stopped working. (Likely a Broadcom driver issue). Here’s how I turned a simple workaround into a more permanent fix. <p>The Wi-Fi on my MacBook Pro (a late-2013, 39 cm model, MacBookPro11,2) randomly stops working. It doesn’t lose the connection, and Wi-Fi Diagnostics can’t find anything wrong. The networking just stops working. Here's how I found out what was wrong, how you can find out if you’re having the same problem, and how I found a fix.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/macbook-wifi-dropouts.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p>