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The underlying problem is that the <code><video></code> element isn’t suitable for embedding short video files on webpages.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/html-responsive-video.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:1a72cbfe-ff75-45b4-a17e-1ab40f702f96 2021-10-23T16:56:00Z 2021-10-23T16:56:00Z How to limit Samsung Customization Service data collection Android Customization Service provides some extra features in exchange for your personal information. However, you can minimize the data it shares with Samsung. <p>Samsung customers have likely been prompted by their devices to opt into the Samsung Customization Service (SCS). The prompt doesn’t explain what SCS does beyond linking you to its longwinded privacy policy. I was uncomfortable turning it on without knowing more about it, so I read the privacy policy. Yikes. Samsung collects everything it can get its corporate paws on.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/samsung-oneui-customization-service.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:699bf589-dd82-4bbd-aa00-5476050f391b 2021-10-18T11:48:00Z 2021-10-18T11:48:00Z Timberborn: a cute beaver colony sim with an unrewarding late game The post-apocalyptic lumberpunk beaver colony simulator is delightful and cute. Plenty of replay value, but there are no new challenges in the late game stages. <p>I love colony simulation games like RimWorld, Patron, and Surviving Mars; and I’ve sunk way too many hours into these games. My latest obsession is Timberborn — a <em>vertical city builder</em> inhabited by intelligent beavers that have inherited the Earth after humans are long gone.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/review-timberborn-colonysim.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:4ca57e8a-17bf-402b-8b16-e6e218e4794b 2021-10-15T02:09:00Z 2021-10-15T02:09:00Z How to enable file versioning on Windows File History lets you go back and browse and restore previous versions of your files and folders. Restore accidental changes and deletions in Windows 11 and 10. <p>Windows comes with many great built-in tools that, unfortunately, are hard to discover and even harder to use. One of these is its built-in file versioning tool called File History. Once set up, it can keep copies of old versions of all your files and documents. It can be incredibly useful to restore a previous version of a file or a folder after you’ve made an accidental change or deletion.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/how-to-windows-file-versioning.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:81ac9c1b-c0f3-4dcf-964b-f55e0379fc32 2021-10-04T14:15:00Z 2021-10-04T14:15:00Z Brave and Firefox to intercept links that force-open in Microsoft Edge Brave and Firefox implement support for the microsoft-edge: URL scheme. Brave to hijack Bing search links. Plus, the history of all this anti-competitive crap. <p>Microsoft has inadvertently re-heated the web browser wars with the company’s anti-competitive changes to Windows 11. It made it more difficult to change the default web browser and has expanded the use of links that force-opens Edge instead of the default browser.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/anti-competitive-browser-edges.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:e48ef64a-6199-4e6e-a159-7162fd46e1e3 2021-09-26T11:19:00Z 2021-09-27T04:12:00Z Brave reduces the page load performance cost of its adblocker The Brave browser has significantly cut the page load time overhead of its adblocker. Brave loaded pages slower than competing browsers without adblockers. <p>An adblocker doesn’t necessarily make your web browser load pages faster. The Brave browser introduced a shiny new and more performant adblocking system in late 2019. However, leftovers from its old system have remained in the browser and have quietly held back its performance potential.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/brave-ab-performance.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:bb458e03-cd63-4de0-8ff3-4f5276c3f631 2021-09-22T10:09:00Z 2021-09-22T10:09:00Z Patch origin trust vs GitHub’s URL hierarchy Opening a pull request is all it takes to get a GitHub patch URL that’s indistinguishable from patches/commits that are a part of an open-source GitHub project. <p>Attentive readers may have noticed something a bit weird with the GitHub patch links in my last article. I shared links to two patches for Ruby's Rake build system which I also said hadn't yet been accepted into Rake. Yet, the patches looked like they came directly from the Rake project's official code repository at <code>https://github.com/ruby/rake/</code>. So, how did I get a patch URL that’s indistinguishable from commits/patches that are part of a project?</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/github-patch-url-trust.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:971fcfc1-fc37-4b78-ac1d-7d46292f9c51 2021-09-20T20:07:00Z 2021-09-20T20:07:00Z Cut I/O bound Rakefile task evaluation time by 12,4% Cut I/O bound <code translate=no>Rakefile</code> task evaluation time by 12,4% My patches remove some unnecessary syscalls that keep the Rake task and build system needlessly waste time waiting for I/O. Spend less time waiting for Rake. <p>Do you regularly run Rake on projects with thousands of <code>FileTask</code>s? In that case, chances are your Rake execution time is I/O bound. I’ve created two patches that can cut ⅛ off your <code>Rakefile</code> task evaluation/compilation time.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/ruby-rake-performance-patches.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:28322e08-039b-4443-939b-bc460fef9229 2021-09-18T09:19:00Z 2021-09-18T09:19:00Z Improving the New York Times’ line wrap balancer Improving the <em>New York Times’</em> line wrap balancer Web browsers don’t yet support (text-wrap: balance). Adobe and the NYTimes have offer free JavaScript alternatives. I improved the latter to suit my needs. <p>I looked into options to improve the breaking points for line wrapping on the web. I found a few “text balancer” programs that use different methods to even out the number of words per line on the fewest number of lines possible. I wasn’t happy with any of them, but ended up improving on the New York Times’ text balancer to get something useable. It wasn’t how I imagined spending my weekend.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/text-wrap-balance.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:a99614d0-9dd6-47c3-9110-39a551ce4b3d 2021-09-03T13:14:00Z 2021-09-03T13:14:00Z Why can an ad break the Windows 11 desktop and taskbar? A new promo message for Microsoft Teams broke the Windows desktop shell and the taskbar for Windows 11 Insider users. Why can cloud services break Windows PCs? <p>Earlier today, Microsoft pushed a promotional message to early adopters of Windows 11. The promo intended to promote the upcoming operating system’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Instead, it caused Explorer (the Windows desktop shell) to stop responding and left users without a working Start menu and taskbar.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/windows11-empty-taskbar.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:9e298851-2949-46b4-9aaa-0fc945aa5188 2021-08-30T14:28:00Z 2021-08-30T14:28:00Z Windows 11 gets new and less stressful notification sounds I find the Windows 10 sound notifications loud and stressful. Microsoft has made the new sound themes for Windows 11 calmer and less overwhelming than Win10. <p>CNBC reported last week on how Microsoft has replaced the notification sounds in Windows 11 with calmer and “less overwhelming” versions. I’m someone who gets stressed and a bit overwhelmed by the Windows 10 alerts, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the new sounds.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/windows-alert-sounds.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:ec589569-6851-44eb-ae99-d12deacd57ab 2021-08-17T10:41:00Z 2021-08-17T10:41:00Z A privacy review of Tribler, the onion-routed BitTorrent app An in-depth privacy and security review of Tribler, a more private BitTorrent client backed by an onion/layered encryption proxy relay network. Is it anonymous? <p>Tribler is a free and open-source file-sharing app for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. It adds something unique to the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol: onion routing. Onion routing, best known from the Tor Browser project, is a network routing scheme that relays connections via multiple proxies. Tribler encrypts your connections in layers, so that each relay proxy only knows the IP address of the next and previous hop in the routing chain. This system can help provide more anonymity and obscure what you’re downloading and from where from prying eyes.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/tribler-onion-routed-bittorrent.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:5eb03989-64e5-4960-b471-633415385cc0 2021-08-15T11:19:00Z 2021-08-16T16:41:00Z What domain name to use for your home network Always use the ‘.home.arpa’ top-level domain (RFC 8375), and don’t use the special-purpose ‘.local,’ or made-up undelegated domain names like ‘.lan’ or ‘.home.’ <p>There’s a definitive answer to this question, and you can find it in RFC 8375: use <code>home.arpa.</code> Never heard of it before? It wasn’t assigned as a special purpose top-level domain (spTLD) name for residential and small networks until 2018.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/homenet-domain-name.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:0bd7cd35-ca6d-4fdf-9b91-f639655e3d57 2021-08-10T13:28:00Z 2021-08-10T13:28:00Z Review of the MikroTik hEX (3rd rev.) as a home router The RB750Gr3 is an inexpensive Gigabit router with advanced network management capabilities for just €50/$60. It’s highly configurable with a steep learning curve. <p>The MikroTik hEX (RB750Gr3) (on Amazon) is an inexpensive Gigabit router with advanced capabilities. I’ve used it as my home router for the last five years. It’s not a consumer-grade product, and it certainly isn’t your grandma’s router!</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/review-mikrotik-rb750gr3.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:05c72b2d-18f7-4a13-9e72-f2131d511a7b 2021-08-09T13:22:00Z 2021-08-09T13:22:00Z How to make Windows Update prioritize Delivery Optimization downloads How to get Windows Delivery Optimization to download updates from PCs on your LAN network (or the internet). Reduce internet data/bandwidth usage with LAN P2P. <p>Windows Delivery Optimization is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing service for software from Microsoft. It works with Windows Update and updates from the Microsoft Store. The service can help reduce your data/bandwidth usage, and free up limited internet bandwidth for other activities. It can optionally also download from other Microsoft customers over the internet.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/windows-delivery-optimization.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:5dd1f1e4-cfa0-4567-9b5e-48a7b86e55fa 2021-08-04T03:25:00Z 2021-08-04T03:25:00Z Overriding Bedtime mode with priority alerts Is Bedtime mode on Android using Do Not Disturb mode to silence alerts and notifications? That’s unclear, if you’ve got the Samsung Digital Wellbeing app. <p>Bedtime mode on Android guides you towards better sleep habits by muting notifications and making your phone less interesting. Samsung’s take on the feature says it will mute all sounds and alerts, but that isn’t the whole story. What if you rely on certain notifications and alerts to wake you in the night?</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/android-bedtime-mode-priority-alerts.html#src=feed">Read more …</a></p>