urn:uuid:88ea82e7-0fbd-5e4c-a28f-c6103a3fc9aa Topic: Productivity – Ctrl blog Daniel Aleksandersen https://www.daniel.priv.no/ Copyright © 2022 Daniel Aleksandersen. https://www.ctrl.blog/assets/logo/logo-square.svg 2022-02-28T18:40:00Z weekly 10 urn:uuid:6e1dfe5e-317d-402a-87cc-b6198d8fe8b3 2022-02-28T18:40:00Z 2022-02-28T18:40:00Z Buggy Samsung–Grammarly keyboard update puts profit before typing One UI 4 (Android 12) introduced Grammarly partnership in Keyboard app on some Samsung devices. The update breaks the keyboard app compatibility with many apps. <p>In my experience, text input using the software keyboard on Android has always had some quirks and issues. However, all text entry and editing of more than a couple of sentences became nearly impossible after my Samsung Galaxy S10e received the One UI 4.0 update (better known as Android 12). The problems affected almost all apps I regularly use.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/ime-samsung-grammarly.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:dbca2fc3-0f48-4620-99ae-eddec06e0eea 2019-11-01T12:50:00Z 2019-11-01T12:50:00Z Why pay for Grammarly when you’re the one doing the work? You’re the one paying for Grammarly. However, you’re also the one spending your time training and improving its machine-learning algorithm. Is that okay? <p>Grammarly is a grammar and language analysis and correction service. It’s essentially providing those red and green squiggly lines that highlight your writing-mistakes in your favorite text editor. However, it’s offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that can somehow afford non-stop ad-campaigns all over the web.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/grammarly-free-labor.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:62f8a7de-aadd-4e33-83f7-2bfca9504b75 2019-10-17T11:44:00Z 2019-10-17T11:44:00Z Review: Joplin note-taking app The open-source note-taking app Joplin supports encryption and choose-your-own-cloud. Desktop app gets the job done, but the Android app is slow and clunky. <p>Joplin is an open-source clone of Microsoft OneNote. It’s a webapp at heart, but it doesn’t offer a version for use in your web browser. The webapp is instead packaged and offered for installation on Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/review-joplin-notes.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:054f6b4f-b688-44f0-a854-748d42a37fa8 2019-10-07T12:47:00Z 2021-06-04T14:23:00Z A sync bug in Standard Notes kept deleting my notes The Standard Notes webapp kept either deleting or overwriting the unlucky note at the top of my notes list. It’s time to switch note-taking apps again. <p>Note-taking is how I remember things. I jot them down on my phone or laptop and expect them to be available on all my devices within seconds. I used to use Simplenote but I kept having issues with it losing my notes. I abandoned it in favor of Standard Notes five months ago.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/standard-notes-dataloss.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:7810284c-5e5d-40e9-b663-15ef86506b51 2018-10-01T07:08:00Z 2018-10-01T07:08:00Z Not getting much done with Microsoft To-Do Microsoft To-Do app is slow and requires frequent reloading. It doesn’t sync with Outlook, Cortana, and other Microsoft task list apps. <p>Microsoft To-Do is a nice looking multi-platform task manager built around a workflow that I’ve found helpful for prioritizing and completing tasks. It has just the right number of features so you can focus on getting things checked off your task lists rather than focusing on managing your lists. If only it had worked more reliably … .</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/microsoft-not-todo.html">Read more …</a></p>