urn:uuid:b3bd0817-ecc6-5953-8f36-b8aa26945d27 Topic: WordPress – Ctrl blog Daniel Aleksandersen https://www.daniel.priv.no/ Copyright © 2019 Daniel Aleksandersen. https://www.ctrl.blog/assets/logo/logo-square.svg 2019-08-21T15:38:00Z weekly 10 urn:uuid:18856c28-5453-4d22-a3a7-b0aed3779b61 2019-05-06T22:55:00Z 2019-05-06T22:55:00Z Enough of WordPress WordPress no longer makes me happy, so I’m changing it out for something that does. A static-site generator is the best option for me. <p>Ctrl blog have been on a month long break while I’ve been migrating the entire website away from WordPress. This has been the longest break without an update since I launched the blog six years ago. I’ve never been super-happy about using WordPress and the number of paper cuts and annoyances had finally reached my limit. I wanted to get away from WordPress before I lost the enthusiasm for blogging.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/enough-of-wordpress.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:c919dda5-06f3-4ef6-a962-2f98b2a3ec20 2018-11-28T19:54:00Z 2019-08-21T15:38:00Z Link blog archive pages together to avoid navigational dead-ends How to help visitors and search engines better navigate through your yearly blog archives: Provide links from year to year! <p>Many blog publishing platforms will generate yearly or monthly archive pages that lists the posts published in that period. However, most platforms creates dated archive pages as isolated islands and navigational dead-ends with no obvious path forward for visitors.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/blog-archive-pagination.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:c910b3a9-fb69-46d0-b259-370453cedb76 2018-11-26T06:37:00Z 2018-11-26T06:37:00Z Structure WordPress’ upload directory to handle lots of files Here is how to structure WordPress’ upload directory for scale. Sticking thousands of image files in one directory can cause performance problems. <p>This is a quick post about organizing WordPress’ uploads directory, wp-content/uploads, for many files using a file name-derived directory structure.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/wp-content-uploads.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:43f0af5e-a8c2-4ed4-8985-26bfc334a050 2018-11-19T14:03:00Z 2018-11-19T14:03:00Z WordPress with PHP GD’s image resize artifact-pattern problem PHP GD graphics library (libgd) causes bad artifact-patterns when downsizing images. Makes images bigger and quality lower. <p>Until now, I’ve been using WordPress with the PHP GD graphics library (libgd) to downscale images for thumbnails and responsive images. The resulting images haven’t always been pretty and they’ve ended up larger than the source images. I finally found a good solution that doesn’t involve switching to ImageMagick.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/php-libgd-resize-artifacts.html">Read more …</a></p> urn:uuid:91c9d65c-527e-4a71-b795-5e8b0cede12b 2018-01-19T16:42:00Z 2018-01-19T16:42:00Z Set a custom /path for WordPress search result pages Set a custom <code translate="no">/path</code> for Word­Press search result pages How to set up a custom /search URL path for search result pages from your WordPress installation. Nicer URLs help search engines understand your site structure. <p>Create a site-search landing page, separate your front page and search result pages in analytics, and make your search links explain themselves by adding a custom <code>/search</code> path to your WordPress website.</p> <p><a href="https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/wordpress-search-path.html">Read more …</a></p>